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document Dan Stiles Presentation: IUCN African Elephant Action Plan (AfESG), Pretoria July 2019 (pptx, 6.81 MB) Download (pptx, 6.81 MB)
pdf Ivory: Moral vs Legal (pdf, 1.03 MB) Download (pdf, 1.03 MB)
pdf Looking beyond the myth of Gramba's LRA ivory terrorisum nexus (pdf, 851 KB) Download (pdf, 851 KB)
default Namibia to auction 170 wild elephants, saying rising numbers threaten people Download
pdf Well Structured Ivory Trade (pdf, 133 KB) Download (pdf, 133 KB)
pdf Will Demand Reduction Work for Ivory Conversation (pdf, 597 KB) Download (pdf, 597 KB)
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