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pdf Boni hunter gathers (pdf, 562 KB) Download (pdf, 562 KB)
pdf CHASA Formal Submission DEFRA Consultation on Controls Import & Export of Hunting Trophies (pdf, 292 KB) Download (pdf, 292 KB)
pdf Hunting Key To Econ. Growth & Transform By C. Ramaphosa, PTD of RSA& Game Ranch Owner (pdf, 108 KB) Download (pdf, 108 KB)
pdf Impact wildlife hunting prohibition on rural livelihoods (pdf, 1.32 MB) Download (pdf, 1.32 MB)
pdf Lessons from a deceitful anti hunting interview (pdf, 87 KB) Download (pdf, 87 KB)
pdf Proposed Ban of Trophy (pdf, 221 KB) Download (pdf, 221 KB)
pdf Proposed Ban on the Importing of African Trophy Game Specimens Into the UK (pdf, 204 KB) Download (pdf, 204 KB)
pdf Seeking World Approval will lead to Hunting Suicide (pdf, 128 KB) Download (pdf, 128 KB)
pdf Tips for Dealing with Hostile Media (pdf, 197 KB) Download (pdf, 197 KB)
pdf Trophy Hunting Use and Abuse of Terminology (pdf, 159 KB) Download (pdf, 159 KB)
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